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We have the expertise to help you solve the most complex business challenges with technology. Our team of 200 engineers and product success people use lean innovation at every turn to get you to market quickly.



Tap the power of your data to target, personalize and convert. We help you understand, aggregate, integrate and activate all types of data to maximize acquisition and retention. Give your data a purpose in life.

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We specialize in building scalable, fault tolerant systems that grow with your business. Intelligence-fueled features make more satisfied customers and we carry that through in everything we build.



Get to market faster by working with our product team members, who are experts in MVP Iteration, and apply lean & agile methodologies to everything we build. We deliver software early, we deliver it often, and we deliver it well.


Segmented audiences, hyper-targeted multi-channel campaigns and optimized inventory require push and pull of millions of data points in real-time. DataSwitch has it under control.

Audience Manager

Match and merge 1st and 3rd party data to build 360 customer views, enrich with behavioral and demographic data points and use segments across campaigns.

Campaign Manager

Run unlimited omni-channel marketing campaigns across multiple DSPs, networks, devices, and channels using your segments with precision targeting, advanced budget strategy and creative management.

Publisher manager

Monetize your content by mediating auctions across unlimited 3rd party DSPs fueled by your audience data. Manage and serve ads across all of your properties, and analyze results to ensure optimal performance.

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About us

We can't wait to dig in to the tech challenges you throw our way.

With over a decade of experience building scalable, fault-tolerant web applications that are equipped to handle billions of transactions and terabytes of data. We thrill at the chance to help companies like yours leap over the next hurdle. Making products more intelligent whether its rolling out a custom CMS that populates over 2,000 websites, building a realtime bidding ad platform, or a complex data-fueled subscription offers system, our work has one thing in common - we work with companies who don't settle for ordinary, and don't stop at "good-enough".

  • This is where the fun is. Our engineers thrive off the tricky problems of scale whether it's horizontally distributed architecture, combining technologies to manage realtime and batch processing, designing architecture that grows along with our customers successes is the fun part.

  • Our 150 engineers + 50 project success members utilize agile, kanban, and lean principles to execute intelligently every step of the way. We've mastered the build- measure- learn loop and wouldn't work any other way.

  • Using data to connect and engage audiences and users is smart business but it can also be good business. A targeted ad, a special offer at just the right moment, a message that conveys understanding, anticipating needs and wants based on behavior done right can actually bring joy and good to people, any time any where.

  • Maybe more important than anything else, we know how to execute, do it quickly and well (some say, better than most). Most of our customers are pretty brilliant in their own right and crave like-minded folks to get their apps, platforms, features out the door and in their customers hands. We design MVPs for just about all our work, delivery early and often, learning and improving each day.

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