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How To Get Better Customer Insights Once and For All

How To Get Better Customer Insights Once and For All

The term “data silos” has been thrown around with increasing frequency lately. What are they, exactly? A data silo is data that is isolated, out on its own. It occurs for a few different reasons, and oftentimes it happens just because of the way companies are structured. Different teams with different skill sets working on[…]

How CMOs can make better data-driven decisions

How CMOs Can Make Better Data-Driven Decisions

Data is the epicenter of a marketer’s job, and everyone is vying to use it to the fullest. Data-driven marketing, first and foremost, means knowing your customers. Who they are; what, when and how they buy; how you can meet their needs in the future or right now. That means capturing the data, understanding it,[…]

How to Organize Data to Understand and Improve GDPR Consent

While many brands want to show customers that they take data privacy seriously, collecting, organizing, and using data as outlined in GDPR has turned out to be tougher than expected. One company, let’s call them Need Way More GDPR Consent Inc., faced three challenges about the best way to approach GDPR. Learn how they used[…]

The Truth About Facebook's Data Privacy Struggles

The Truth About Facebook’s Data Privacy Struggles

Facebook has brought data abuse to the top of everyone’s minds… but the truth about Facebook’s data privacy struggles? They are a part of a much bigger, industry-wide problem. First, it was the Cambridge Analytica scandal in which the third-party data firm had harvested the data of some 87 million Facebook users and used it[…]

How B2C & B2B Companies Use Data Differently

How B2C & B2B Companies Use Data Differently

Some might say that “marketing is marketing” whether you’re talking about a B2B or B2C company. The truth? B2C and B2B companies use data differently. While both should heavily rely on data to reach their customers, their are several key differences in what that message should be and how data plays into the effort based[…]

Infographic: How Consumers Really Feel About Data

You hear it all the time: Data is a brand’s most valuable asset. With technology making it easier than ever to collect data, brands are increasingly using it to improve their products—and losing consumer trust in the process. Read the study to learn what people really think about data use, personalized ads, and most importantly,[…]

gdpr recap

GDPR Day Recap: Lessons Learned & What To Expect

Before May 25, there was speculation on what would happen after GDPR. People assumed Google and Facebook would come out ahead. Others surmised that blocking EU citizens would be “a last resort.” Check out our GDPR Day Recap to get an overview of what actually happened and what to expect moving forward. Facebook and Google[…]

Infographic: How To Be The Brand Everyone Opts In To

GDPR gives consumers more control over their data. And with data top of mind, brands have an opportunity to stand out by using it to improve customer experience long-term. Explore How To Be The Brand Everyone Opts In To for stats on what consumers think about data collection and insight on the 5 key things[…]

Making The Most Of GDPR: A Long-Term Strategy Guide For Marketers,

Making The Most Of GDPR: A Long-Term Strategy Guide For Marketers

Concerns about data privacy have been on the rise for years, and GDPR is your chance to address them. In Making The Most Of GDPR: A Long-Term Strategy Guide For Marketers, you’ll learn how to stand out by building user trust through clear communication and safe data practices. Specifically, the guide will provide insight on: Organizing[…]

Location Data

Why Capturing Customer Attention Starts with Location Data

Location, location, location. It’s a phrase we all know about real estate, but the same could be said for marketing efforts. Capturing customer attention starts with location data because it allows companies to reach customers where they live, shop and work, ensuring more relevant marketing touchpoints and increased sales. Most people, three quarters of all[…]