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Blockchain basics: How it’s affecting online marketing

In reaction to spiraling security and privacy threats, blockchain technology is being studied for possible usage by more and more businesses around the world. As of this July, blockchain was being considered by more than half of the world’s large corporations, reports Juniper Research, with two-thirds of all firms planning to integrate some form of it[…]

Information Gold: 7 Tips for Monetizing your Valuable Data

As the ability to leverage data increasingly becomes a competitive differentiator, more businesses seek to monetize data by selling it outright or leveraging it to add value to products and services. It’s only logical that companies making significant investments in procuring data are seeking ways to recoup such investments. IDC predicts 100 percent of large businesses worldwide[…]

Brands and publishers continue jumping on programmatic bandwagon as data usage ramps up

As programmatic continues to grow exponentially, digital social news and entertainment company BuzzFeed is one of the latest major ad venues to come aboard. Over the summer the global firm, which reportedly halved its budget to an estimated $250 million last year, began to sell display ads programmatically. Before then, the company monetized its digital presence via[…]

SurveyMonkey providing omnichannel results, but can you use them?

To speed research response times, online questionnaire provider SurveyMonkey is now offering survey services across devices, instead of the email it’s primarily relied on since starting up in 1999. Analysts see the move of the global company as a bid for part of the $25 billion global market research business. Already, some 35 percent of[…]

So you have audience data — now what?

The word on the street is, our capacity to learn about each other is rising almost beyond measure due to the rise of the behemoth IoT. Of course, that’s exciting news to marketers who have long struggled to figure out what their specific audiences want and need so they can provide it to them. The[…]

Hope or hype? 5 blockchain shortcomings AdTech must address

Blockchain is making such rapid inroads across industries its impact is being compared to that of the internet. In general terms, the ledger technology allows for secure online transactions of all varieties without need for middlemen of any kind, quickly and transparently tracking the movement of assets while reducing the risk of fraud. Many expect[…]

Power in numbers: How data integration boosts marketing strategy

Data integration may sound like just another marketing term, but it’s important to any company seeking to optimize the scads of customer data now achievable through technology. The term describes the centralization of multifaceted, multichannel customer data into a single view (often housed in the cloud) to create a complete, 360-degree profile of your customer[…]

Virtually global: Mobile health care market set for $26 billion

Clearly, the world is embracing mHealth. Health care info communicated via mobile device is being incorporated by consumers and health care professionals worldwide, creating an industry slated to be worth $26 billion this year, with 33.5 percent growth projected annually through 2020. On the provider side, some 84 percent of physicians in the U.S. now use smartphones for professional purposes, while 66[…]

Programmatic hits the small screen: A mid-year update

The option of buying TV ads programmatically has yet to gain real traction and is set to represent a modest 3 percent of ad spending this year. But next year the methodology is expected to ramp up to 6 percent of ad spending, jumping 105 percent to rake in some $4.43 billion. Analysts attribute the increase to easier[…]

Botty language: Ad fraud forced to drop 10 percent this year

A bit of good news for advertisers: Global ad fraud is slated to take a significant downward turn this year, dropping 10 percent over last year. Businesses worldwide should expect to lose about $6.3 billion globally as a result, reports the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). But some firms are making more progress than others; the top[…]