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Botty language: Ad fraud forced to drop 10 percent this year

A bit of good news for advertisers: Global ad fraud is slated to take a significant downward turn this year, dropping 10 percent over last year. Businesses worldwide should expect to lose about $6.3 billion globally as a result, reports the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). But some firms are making more progress than others; the top[…]

Publisher perk: Server-side header bidding fast and friendly

Although header bidding wasn’t even an option for publishers three years ago, by last year it had revved up so much it was being used by 70 percent of U.S. publishers. The advanced programmatic technique enables publishers to simultaneously offer ad inventory to multiple ad exchanges to gain higher bids and maximize revenues. Now publishers are seeing[…]

Power in numbers: How data integration boosts marketing strategy

Data integration may sound like just another marketing term, but it’s important to any company seeking to optimize the scads of customer data now achievable through technology. The term describes the centralization of multifaceted, multichannel customer data into a single view (often housed in the cloud) to create a complete, 360-degree profile of your customer[…]

Know your customer: ABM players ripe for mergers, acquisitions

One of the latest methodologies boosted by MarTech advancements is account-based marketing (ABM), which uses data-gathering tools to target key B2B accounts and people through highly personalized campaigns. Rather than being organized by industry, product, solution or channel, ABM strategies are customized to each client through software-as-a-service systems combined with predictive analytics. Numbers indicate why[…]

Fix me, robot: How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing healthcare

Because the world’s digital data volume doubles every two years — it’s slated to reach 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020 — that data is nearly impossible to manage using traditional rules and processes. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) is stepping up, and one of the segments to embrace it most fully is healthcare. An industry[…]