How Data Orchestration Helps Drive Holiday Season Success

It’s a myth that success in retail starts and ends during the holidays. The strongest (and most successful) retailers know that the key to capturing customer attention during the holiday season is about staying top of mind well beforehandand data orchestration allows brands to do just that.

Data Orchestration is the process by which brands can:

  1. Integrate their data sources and marketing platforms
  2. Uncover anonymous third-party data by linking it to their first-party data for more holistic customer insights
  3. Activate those insights to create targeted campaigns across every channel
  4. Enrich audience segments automatically by feeding data collected from campaigns back into the platform
  5. Execute the first four steps in one seamless interface

According to Salesforce, 84 percent of customers say being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to winning their business long-term. And it makes sense that most people feel this way. After all, without orchestration, your campaigns operate as though you have one customer for email, another for social and yet another on your website when in fact it’s the same person researching and purchasing across all of those channels on different devices.

By connecting who customers are (email, IP Address) with how they behave (cross-channel ads clicked, time on site), you’ll be able to personalize campaigns better than ever before. So, while you may have known a customer clicked on an email and went to an article before, data orchestration can enrich that insight with the customer’s past behavior on your site, ads they’ve clicked via their mobile device, and more.

Amazon is one company that uses data to provide customers with experiences more tailored to their interests and purchase behavior. And while, yes, Amazon has more data than most companies combined, it’s not really about that. It’s about what you do to make sense of your first party data and how you take back control of previously dark, 3rd party data. In addition to shedding light on dark data, some orchestration platforms like Lineate’s DataSwitch incorporate predictive analytics that use past behavior and in-store shopping patterns to determine when people are more likely to make a purchase.

Building lasting engagement starts with treating customers as people. So, you can’t collect data “just because.” Instead, you must use customer data in a way that provides value based on their needs. And by uncovering more of your data using orchestration, you’ll have the insights you need to connect with customers before, during, and after the most wonderful time of the year.

To see firsthand how data orchestration can help your company drive more sales this holiday season, schedule a personalized data orchestration platform demo now.

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