End-To-End Lifecycle

Data is often described as the holy grail of marketing. The reality? Access to data is not a guarantee that you can use it to improve customer experiences. Learn how we can integrate and orchestrate your data to better manage the end-to-end customer lifecycle.

Orchestrate Your Data

Interpreting cross-channel data shouldn’t feel like opening Pandora’s Box. Lineate’s data orchestration platform, Dataswitch, breaks down data silos and integrates cross-channel data for accurate insights to personalize campaigns. Plus, use the platform to build multichannel campaigns with those 360 user views all from one, streamlined interface.

Align Your GDPR Data

Data privacy laws like GDPR require that companies receive consent before collecting data. Learn how Consent Manager manages customer data from collection, to organization, to deployment—activating your GDPR-safe segments across all campaigns and reporting on opportunities to increase your opt-in rates.

Automate Your DevOps

If you’re launching a new product, site or service, there’s no need to wait months or even weeks for updates to roll out to your audience. Our development team ensures continuous integration and iteration using automated infrastructure for better delivery at every step of the coding process.

Customize Your CMS

No matter who your customers are or where they are in the funnel, reaching them requires that you organize your own properties and content, first. We help publishers large and small build streamlined CMS tools to manage content across thousands of pages and sites in one place.

What’s Next

Let’s figure out the best way to support your end-to-end customer lifecycle
with custom tools and technology.

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