CCPA Consent Manager

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into effect January 1st, 2020, and it will change how marketers store, share, and use data. Lineate’s CCPA Consent Management Platform gives the best solution to obtain data, track &optimize consent collection.

A Recap On The Law

The CCPA gives California residents the right to know who is using their data, for what reason, and the ability to opt-out of data collection. This law gives individuals more power over their data—and gifts businesses the opportunity to truly earn customer trust.

CCPA Strategy Guide For Marketers

Read Making The Most Of CCPA: A Long-Term Strategy Guide For Marketers to increase consent responses and build customer trust.

Making the most of CCPA

How Lineate Can Help!

To navigate new customer rights under the CCPA, your team needs the right tools to store, share, and use data. See How Consent Manager, our comprehensive CCPA platform, can help.

Consent Manager Features

Lineate’s Consent Manager allows you give your customers access to their data while providing your brand with a central way of managing, tracking, and optimizing consent collection on an operational level.

Customer Insight & Consent Reports

DataSwitch provides high level reports on customer consent by segment & channel to give marketers an understanding of which messages are generating the best (and worst) responses. Some reports include:

  • Top 5 audience segments with the most requests to be forgotten
  • Top 5 channels with most requests to be forgotten
  • Top 5 segments with the most types of consent granted
GDPR Consent Manager report

Individual Profiles & Hands-On Data Management

Consent Manager honors consumer preferences by providing them with access to view their data, erase it everywhere it’s been used, or limit how your brand uses it. The platform also includes individual profile views for more granular insight into consumer preferences.

GDPR Hands-On Data Management

Generate Consent Pop Ups

Companies must provide consumers with the opportunity to opt in/ out of data collection on a granular level. Consent Manager handles this process by generating custom consent collection pop ups for companies to use across all of their owned properties.

Dataswitch - Consent pop up

Automated Consent Segmentation

Once consent preferences have been expressed, you need a way to ensure those preferences are correctly sorted and addressed before sending future communications. Consent Manager automatically organizes and stores consent preferencesallowing you to deploy segments based on standard behaviors as well as consent responses.

Dataswitch - GDPR

Resources To Help You Prepare For CCPA

Looking For Help With Managing CCPA Consent? 

Lineate’s CCPA solution experts are ready to help your business create a foolproof data privacy strategy as outlined in the law.

See How CCPA Consent Manager Will Work For Your Business.

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