How Women-Owned Businesses Use Data To Succeed

Many people are wondering if 2019 is the year that women fully break the glass ceiling, get equal pay, and find themselves in positions of power—especially in technology fields (we sure hope [...]

How B2C & B2B Companies Use Data Differently

Some might say that “marketing is marketing” whether you’re talking about a B2B or B2C company. The truth? B2C and B2B companies use data differently. While both should heavily rely on data to [...]

Why GDPR is Your Chance to Provide Unmatched User Value

European companies and those who process the data of EU citizens are expected to spend upwards of $1.4 million toward GDPR compliance efforts by May 25, and American companies are not far behind. [...]

Why Customer Data Platforms are Crucial to GDPR Success

As businesses across the world prepare for Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR —the rule coming May 25 that restricts usage of online data gathered from customers—experts believe [...]

Alexa, run my life: Gurus predict even smarter voice technology in 2018

As businesses keep pushing toward innovation that boosts consumer convenience — and applying bots and AI toward working on clients’ behalf — voice search and voice-activated technology is [...]

SurveyMonkey providing omnichannel results, but can you use them?

To speed research response times, online questionnaire provider SurveyMonkey is now offering survey services across devices, instead of the email it’s primarily relied on since starting up in [...]

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