How to Organize Data to Understand and Improve GDPR Consent

While many brands want to show customers that they take data privacy seriously, collecting, organizing, and using data as outlined in GDPR has turned out to be tougher than expected. One company, [...]

Why Capturing Customer Attention Starts with Location Data

Location, location, location. It’s a phrase we all know about real estate, but the same could be said for marketing efforts. Capturing customer attention starts with location data because [...]

What U.S. Brands Can Do Now to Prepare for GDPR

It’s time to take a hard look at your data practices, specifically how you collect, store and use it. That’s because the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) tsunami is about to [...]

Why GDPR is Your Chance to Provide Unmatched User Value

European companies and those who process the data of EU citizens are expected to spend upwards of $1.4 million toward GDPR compliance efforts by May 25, and American companies are not far behind. [...]

Can your data management platform handle Europe's GDPR?

As businesses across the world get ready for Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, many are assessing the security of their data management platforms to protect themselves from [...]

What's Next: A Marketer's Guide to GDPR After May 25

With the recent Facebook data debacle, data privacy is top of mind. Just in time for May 25, the date that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in the E.U., setting a [...]

Delighting with Data: Merging In-Store & Online Experiences

Shoppers who prefer the tactile experience of in-store browsing can relax; online stores aren’t slated to overtake in-person stores anytime soon. Sure, online sales are growing faster than [...]

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