How to Organize Data to Understand and Improve GDPR Consent

While many brands want to show customers that they take data privacy seriously, collecting, organizing, and using data as outlined in GDPR has turned out to be tougher than expected. One company, [...]

Infographic: How Consumers Really Feel About Data

You hear it all the time: Data is a brand’s most valuable asset. With technology making it easier than ever to collect data, brands are increasingly using it to improve their products—and losing [...]

What U.S. Brands Can Do Now to Prepare for GDPR

It’s time to take a hard look at your data practices, specifically how you collect, store and use it. That’s because the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) tsunami is about to [...]

The Key to Solving your Marketing Attribution Problem

The average online purchase is preceded by five to 10 different brand interactions, according to research from Teradata. Pinpointing which campaigns, ads, emails or combination thereof are [...]

6 Ways to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Your Marketing Strategy

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming increasingly important within the marketing world. And those hesitant about adopting it? Well, they may soon find themselves falling [...]

Using Data to Push the Boundaries of Possibilities

While eye-popping inventions like humanoid robots, self-driving cars and smart drones tend to get a lot of consumer-facing press these days, the real technology story for marketers this year may [...]

Alexa, run my life: Gurus predict even smarter voice technology in 2018

As businesses keep pushing toward innovation that boosts consumer convenience — and applying bots and AI toward working on clients’ behalf — voice search and voice-activated technology is [...]

Getting started with AI: Initial steps for marketers

In a few years’ time, AI will be so efficient in providing information about consumers that very little marketing will be based on guesswork or intuition. That’s the prediction of analysts [...]

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