About Lineate

Lineate makes tools that turn legendary ideas into reality. Whether we’re rolling out a custom CMS that populates over 2,000 websites, providing complex loyalty offers or creating something completely custom, our expertise falls into three main categories:

launch-more-dataswitch    Building the tech solutions companies need to achieve their goals.
launch-more-dataswitch   Improving and optimizing the technology companies already have.
launch-more-dataswitch    Supporting in-house development teams with our own experts & resources.

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Our Leadership Team

  • Benjamin Engber
    Benjamin Engber CEO & Founder
  • Dmitry Pashkevich
    Dmitry Pashkevich Co-Founder
  • Elizabeth Gallagher
    Elizabeth Gallagher CRO
  • Jonathan Hansen
    Jonathan Hansen COO

The World’s Leading Brands Trust Us

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Lineate sponsors multiple industry events to showcase our expertise. See what’s coming up and where to meet the Lineate team in person.


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